Who is Medi-Monsters??

Medi-Monsters came from an idea I had after looking at these pictures:

Notice the common object in all of them???

Kids LOVE their security objects in the midst of insecurity...during stressful, possibly painful situations.

In Trace's situation, he had a bulldog with him in the NICU immediately following his birth. Then his sister bought him the giant one for his cancer surgery last fall and we found a little bulldog keychain to hang on his MD Anderson bag that we take with us every 3 months when we go for his checkups and scans.

Medi-Monsters is a joint venture between Trace and me, his mom, and we want to provide kids battling cancer or a life-threatening condition with a "monster."

A little, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, monster to protect them from all the scary stuff that frequent doctor visits and hospital stays bring.

A friend, a buddy, a pal.

Email or facebook message to request your child a unique handmade Medi-Monster.